Monday, November 26, 2012

Deaths and Injuries Associated With Bed Rails

Something of interest for HME and DME providers . . .

Agency Investigates Deaths and Injuries Associated With Bed Rails -

". . . death certificates and hospital emergency room visits from 2003 through May 2012 shows that 150 mostly older adults died after they became trapped in bed rails. Over nearly the same time period, 36,000 mostly older adults — about 4,000 a year — were treated in emergency rooms with bed rail injuries. Officials at the FDA and the commission said the data probably understated the problem since bed rails are not always listed as a cause of death by nursing homes and coroners, or as a cause of injury by emergency room doctors.

Experts who have studied the deaths say they are avoidable. While the F.D.A. issued safety warnings about the devices in 1995 . . ."

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