Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Not All E-learning Is The Same - Demand More!

Not All E-learning Is The Same | SkillsPlus International Info:

"Everybody wants to offer online e-learning solutions for their staff training and development needs. But not all e-learning is the same. E-learning should go beyond reading a book on a computer screen. Honestly, if I am going to read the words on a page I would rather be under a fluffy blanket, and be curled up on the couch with a pot of hot tea and some butter cookies. E-learning should make full use of the technology of the computer.
  • I want the instructor to talk to me, preferably, on the screen.
  • Add some pictures, or better yet, add some live action video and animation.
  • Provide some interaction to keep me fully engaged and challenged.
  • Provide a handout to go along with the course so I can use that as a memory jogger after I have completed the course.
  • E-learning developers, challenge yourself to go beyond republishing the text book on the computer screen.
E-learning purchasers, demand more from your providers."

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