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What's In The Exam? - Florida Certified Designated Representative Exam

What's In The Exam - FL CDR Exam

About The FL CDR Examination:

  • The examination consists of forty (40) scored multiple-choice questions.
  • All questions are equally weighted. The minimum percentage score needed to pass has been set at seventy-five percent (75 %)
  • Your examination(s) will be administered on an electronic testing system. Before you begin the examination, you will have an opportunity to go through a tutorial on the computer. 
  • You will be given ninety (90) minutes (1.50 hours) to complete the examination. Not including the thirty (30) minutes for the tutorial.

Examination Questions Cover The Following Content Areas (and the % of the exam):

  • Product Integrity (27.5%)
  • Records (25%)
  • Inspections (12.5%)
  • Authorized Recipients (10%)
  • Lawful/Unlawful Products (10%)
  • Permits and Renewals (10%)
  • CDR Requirements (5%)

Specifically, The Examination Covers:

Chapter 499 Florida Statutes:
  • All sections relating to prescription drugs
Rule Chapter 61N-1 (formerly 64F-12), Florida Administrative Code:
  • All sections relating to prescription drugs
21 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR):
  • 205.2 
  • 205.3 
  • 205.4 
  • 205.50 
  • 205.6
  • 205.8
21 United States Code (USC):
  • 321
  • 331
  • 333
  • 351
  • 352
  • 353
State of Florida - Candidate Information Booklet for the Certified Designated Representative Laws and Rules Examination:  CAUTION - there are old versions of the candidate information booklet (CIB) that can be found on the internet. Be sure you're referencing the most current version. Here's how to find it.  Go to the home page of the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation:   In the search box, enter "candidate information booklets." Choose English. Then click "DDC - Certified Designated Representative."

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