Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What To Study - Florida Certified Designated Representative Exam

What To Study For The FL CDR Examination

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Updated April 10, 2018

CAUTION - there are old versions of the candidate information booklet (CIB) that can be found on the internet. Be sure you're referencing the most current version. Here's how to find it.

Go to the home page of the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation:

In the search box, enter "candidate information booklets."  Then click "DDC – Certified Designated Representative."

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Do you have to take the exam?

Then here's how to find out what you need to study before you take the exam . . .

First, locate the Candidate Information Booklet (CIB) for the Certified Designated Representative Laws and Rules Examination - click on the DDC-Certified Designated Representative link that's on the web page. CAUTION! - if you try searching for the CIB on the web, be aware that there are several out-of-date versions floating around out there.

Second, in the CIB, go to approximately page 3-4 to learn about the exam "Content" and the law and rules "References" that you're responsible for.

Good luck!

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