Thursday, July 9, 2009

Reinforce Key Regulatory Messages - Use Posters

GMP Posters. Suitable for training and quality efforts.
Drug wholesaler designated representatives and medical device exemptees often need to recruit the help of staff around them to ensure the company complies with regulatory requirements.

If you're looking to make your company's training or quality programs more robust, consider using posters to reinforce your key messages.

SkillsPlus International Inc. announces, "Poster! Posters! and More Posters!" in the release of their brand new GMP poster series, SkillsPlus International Inc. - GMP Good Manufacturing Practice and QSR Quality System Regulation - Large Posters (23" x 35"). Alternatively, you can also scan their offerings in the SkillsPlus GMP Poster Catalog. I find these posters strikingly beautiful, and convey very simple and understandable messages.

By the way, if you think these posters don't apply to your work situation, I encourage you to think twice. Many of them apply to many diverse work settings. Folks have been clamoring for more work-related posters, so it's great to see these new additions to poster offerings. Check it out!

Other GMP posters I've found on the web:
ISPE GMP Posters
Compliance Insight GMP Motivational Posters

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