Thursday, October 11, 2012

Price Gouging: A Black Mark On Gray-Market Distributors

Added August 24, 2017

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States Take on Drug Price Transparency, Gouging -

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Updated August 19, 2017

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Should the FDA Regulate Drug 'Gray Markets'? (PDF)

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Pharmacy Practice News - Price Gouging: A Black Mark On Gray-Market Distributors:

"In response to the report’s critical findings, Patricia Earl, a consultant to the National Coalition of Pharmaceutical Distributors, told hearing attendees, “I cannot emphasize enough the value that small or secondary pharmaceutical distributors bring to the health care system.” She said there were “thousands of small distributors that work with hospitals across the nation. To remain competitive they must comply with laws, follow pedigree and handling regulations to the letter and still offer an economical price point that allows for only a modest profit margin. If they do anything else, they run the risk of permanently losing a customer.”"

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