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CA Board of Pharmacy - June 12, 2012 Mtg - e-Pedigree Agenda Item

Updated 7/11/2012:

CA Board of Pharmacy archived webcast of this meeting:
Board of Pharmacy Enforcement Committee Public Meeting - June 12, 2012

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Here's the e-Pedigree agenda item.

California Board of Pharmacy - Enforcement Committee and E‐Pedigree Public Meetings - June 12, 2012 Agenda

II. Discussion on the Implementation of California’s Electronic Pedigree Requirements for Prescription Medication

a. Discussion about the Presence of Counterfeit Avastin and Altuzan in California Physician Offices and Clinics
b. Dysfunction In California’s Supply of Prescription Medication Discovered During Board of Pharmacy Investigations
c. Board of Pharmacy’s Letters to Federal Representatives and Senators on Elements Needed in any Proposal for Federal Legislation
d. Colloquy from Senators Enzi and Harkin in Support of Retaining Protections in California Law in Future Federal Requirements for Tracking Prescription Medications Through Pharmaceutical Supply Chain
e. Presentations and Questions from the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain on Their Readiness to Meet California’s Staggered E‐Pedigree Implementation Schedule 1. Robert Celeste, Director, Healthcare, GS1 US 2. Other Companies, Associations and Other Entities Wishing to Address the Committee on E‐Pedigree Issues
f. General Discussion
g. Discussion and Possible Action to Develop Regulation Requirements Specifying a Unique Identification Number for Prescription Medication Pursuant to California’s E‐Pedigree Requirements
h. Discussion and Possible Action to Develop “Grandfathering” Provisions for Non‐Pedigreed Dangerous Drugs Pursuant to Section 4163.2 of the Business and Professions Code
i. Discussion concerning Elements for Inference as Provided by California Business and Professions Code Section 4163.3
j. Closing Comments

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