Monday, February 13, 2012

Change of Designated Representative-In-Charge - California

When key employees move on or are terminated, there are Designated Representative implications that you need to consider. Read on, as the consequences could invoke disciplinary action.

According to the California State Board of Pharmacy "Change of Designated Representative-In-Charge" form 17A-E1 (Rev 1/08) (pdf):
Both the designated representative-in-charge and the owner of a wholesaler, nonresident wholesaler or veterinary food-animal drug retailer are required by California law to notify the Board of Pharmacy within 30 days after the termination of the designated representative-in-charge. Failure to make this notification to the board may result in a citation and fine or other disciplinary action.

To properly notify the board of a change in designated representative-in-charge, the following items must be submitted:
  • Completed Change of Designated Representative-in-Charge form
  • $100 fee (excluding government-owned facilities)
  • Personal Background Affidavit for the NEW designated representative-in-charge only
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