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FL CDR - Caution - Use the most current CIB

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Updated April 10, 2018

CAUTION - there are old versions of the candidate information booklet (CIB) that can be found on the internet. Be sure you're referencing the most current version. Here's how to find it.

Go to the home page of the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation:

In the search box, enter "candidate information booklets."  Then click "DDC – Certified Designated Representative."

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If you're preparing to take the Florida CDR Exam (Certified Designated Representative), make sure you're referencing the latest and most current version of the CIB (candidate information booklet).

While surfing on the Florida DOH (Department of Health) website last week, I ran across two different versions of the CIB.  One was the outdated October 2010 version, and the newest one that I could find (as of the date of this post) was dated March 2011. (This week, it appears that only the newest version is available).

Bottomline, be sure you find and reference the most current version of the CIB (NB:  I was still able to Google and find the old October 2010 version).

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