Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How To Select Your Training Vendor

I just read this book by Linda Ireland, Domino: How Customer Experience Can Tip Everything in Your Business Toward Better Financial Performance . Her writing inspired this post.

You're probably following this blog because you need Exemptee or Designated Representative training. In California, there aren't all that many training vendors in this niche space. As you go comparison shopping, keep these Domino customer experience thoughts in mind:
  1. You want to learn about credible options. The vendor is trying to earn your business.
  2. You envision a solution and problem solved. The vendor needs to demonstrate, and allow you to experience, how they are going to best solve your needs.
  3. You want to buy products and services where you're in control, and it's convenient. The vendor wants to 'protect' you, by affirming any purchase decisions you've made.
  4. You want to experience problem solved, and needs are met. The vendor needs to stay engaged, ensuring your need was truly solved.
  5. You want to learn what else the vendor has to offer that solves your other problems or needs. The proactive vendor anticipates your future needs.
Bottomline, as you go shopping, keep your customer hat on, and monitor if your prospective vendor is acting in your best interests. Happy hunting!

In case you're interested in buying the book:

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