Saturday, August 17, 2013

CA Board of Pharmacy - It's Time to Complete Self-Assessments - Download Forms

Updated April 26, 2016:

Use the latest version of the forms posted on the Board's website:

CA Board of Pharmacy - Self-Assessment Forms

---  The post below is outdated --- 

The Board just sent out an email announcement informing California hospital pharmacies, hospital outpatient pharmacies, community pharmacies, compounding pharmacies, and wholesalers that they should now complete their self-assessments.  The Board expects that all self-assessments be completed in the next 30 days.

CA Board of Pharmacy - Applications and Forms:

" *Earlier this year, the board submitted to the Office of Administrative Law revised self-assessment forms that incorporated statutory and regulatory updates since 2011. This rulemaking was withdrawn from OAL, and a formal rulemaking will be initiated later this year. However, the revised (2013) forms MAY be used by a pharmacist or designated representative in charge if desired.

Current regulations require that the version(s) last approved by OAL be completed; however, the board will accept completion of either the OAL-approved versions OR the versions that were revised in 2013 (which will be the subject of a future formal rulemaking)."

Follow this link to find and download the Self-Assessment Forms
(Tip: You'll need to scroll down the page to these forms)

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