Monday, October 15, 2012

What Is A Pharmacy Designated Representative?

If you're new to the pharmacy world of the Designated Representative, maybe this quick introduction will help. I'm going to explain, using the California (CA) State Board of Pharmacy as the example.

According to the CA Designated Representative application form:
A designated representative is an individual who performs clerical, inventory control, housekeeping, delivery, maintenance, or similar functions related to the distribution or dispensing of dangerous drugs or dangerous devices. To work as a designated representative, you must possess and keep a current certificate as a designated representative.
There are quite a number of requirements that have to be met in order to qualify, including the following training requirements listed on the application form:
Complete a training program that, at a minimum, addresses each of the following subjects:
(A) Knowledge and understanding of California and federal law relating to the distribution of dangerous drugs and dangerous devices.
(B) Knowledge and understanding of California and federal law relating to the distribution of controlled substances.
(C) Knowledge and understanding of quality control systems.
(D) Knowledge and understanding of the United States Pharmacopoeia standards relating to the safe storage and handling of drugs.
(E) Knowledge and understanding of prescription terminology, abbreviations, dosages and format.
The trick then becomes finding a way to fulfill the training program requirement.

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