Saturday, July 14, 2012

Q & A with AmerisourceBergen CEO Steven Collis

Q & A with AmerisourceBergen CEO Steven Collis:

"We are a behind-the-scenes company, so consumers will not be aware of us, nor should they if we are doing our job right. When I was buying a house, the people I was buying it from asked if I was sure I could afford the house. I said, “Yes, I’m the chief operating officer for AmerisourceBergen.” They said, “Well, who are they?” I said, “We are the largest revenue company in Pennsylvania.” They said, “No, you’re not.” In the financial community we’re well known but to the average consumer, we’re not. I met [Eagles owner] Jeffrey Lurie the other day and he had never heard of us.

I'll tell you what I told him. We ship about 25 percent of the top line drugs in the U.S. We ship to over 20,000 customers per day. Our customers are hospitals, retail pharmacies, physician offices, institutional pharmacies and they rely on us to get their products to them safely. Our strategy is to focus on providing more and more services up and down the channel on the pharmaceutical supply value chain."

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