Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Alert - CA Pharmacy Board License Renewal Delays

The following message was recently sent out from the CA Board of Pharmacy.  
You'll want to read this very carefully, in the event you might be affected.
Subject: California State Board of Pharmacy Subscriber Alert
Date: Mon Jan 09 10:48:59 PST 2012 
Special Alert to Board of Pharmacy licensees whose licenses will expire on January 31or February 1, 2012 – This message will affect both site and individual licenses issued by the board that expire on these dates.  
Please be aware that the renewal operations of the Department of Consumer Affairs are delayed about four weeks. This could affect your license status on the board’s website on or after January 31 regarding your license status if you wait to renew your license. 
If your license expires on either date and you have not returned your renewal payment yet, please do so as soon as possible and mail to the PO Box Address listed on the renewal notice. 
Alternative 1: the Board of Pharmacy will process your renewal if you send the renewal to the board’s office (1625 N. Market, Suite N-219, Sacramento, CA 95834). Please allow at least seven working days for us to renew your license. 
Alternative 2: you may walk into the board’s Sacramento Office to renew your license any workday (January 16 is a holiday). The license should reflect the new expiration date within two to three working days. 
We are working with the Department of Consumer Affairs to reduce their backlog. We apologize for any inconvenience.
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