Thursday, June 11, 2009

CA Man Sentenced For Prescription Drug Diversion

Uh-0h. Don't get caught like this. Read this Department of Justice (DOJ) news release to see what I mean, California Man Sentenced For Prescription Drug Diversion.

According to the release, the Californian man was "was sentenced to 52 months of incarceration to be followed by three years of supervised release for illegally distributing large quantities of Serostim, an HIV drug, which were illegally purchased from illegitimate sources and then illegally sold to wholesale distributors in various parts of the country, using falsified paperwork."

Here's what this means to you, "The Prescription Drug Marketing Act (“PDMA”) requires wholesale distributors of prescription drugs to be licensed by the states in which they operate. Pursuant to the PDMA, the FDA enacted minimum state guidelines for state licensing of wholesale distributors of prescription drugs. The PDMA generally requires wholesale distributors of prescription drugs to provide to the recipient of the drugs a statement indicating each prior sale of the drug including the names of all parties to the transactions. This statement is generally referred to as the “Drug Pedigree.” The minimum state guidelines and the drug pedigree requirement are designed to eliminate potential risks to the public health by protecting the integrity of the drug distribution system."

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